Poutineville Vegan Poutine Review

Poutineville Vegan Poutine Review

Montreal vegans unite, I have come across a vegan poutine! Poutineville has many unbridled locations, four in Montreal to be exact and one in Toronto. I came across this restaurant while driving by yesterday looking for a camera store for an accessory, reminding me many years ago about my late night poutine excursions. I couldn’t possibly believe they had vegan options but I looked up their menu anyways. Lo and behold, I was wrong. I hurriedly called my boyfriend, who I had invited over for dinner, that our plans we’re changing and that we were going out to eat instead. I met him at the Beaubien location, excitedly wanting to try this Canadian delicacy.


As soon as I stepped in, the ambiance was very chalet-like, the exposed brick in the rounded doorways gave off a type of warmth as comforting as poutine could be. The restaurant’s lighting was quite dim and calming. The restaurant was practically barren, which was slightly odd because it was dinner time but I couldn’t personally complain because I have a thing for quiet restaurants.

The server passed us the menus, one, inspired poutines with pre-arranged ingredients. But no, that’s not what I came for. I came for the build-your-own options. I hurriedly grabbed the pencil and scratched off my ingredients; the house special crushed potatoes, non-dairy cheese, caramelized onions, mushrooms, guacamole and their original poutine sauce (which is vegan). How blessed I felt that they had vegan options was undeniable.


The food came quickly, the server polite. And there was my beautiful concoction. The glistening gravy, the melted cheese and the crushed potatoes hidden underneath the peaks of flavor. I almost forgot to have taken a picture, my hunger pangs were slightly ravenous. What I was most worried about, was the non-vegan cheese which I assumed was Daiya. I had never tried vegan cheese because I had always assumed it would taste horrible. And my worries were justified. The cheese, which had a great melt factor had an unwanted buttery taste. The kind of butter I could only explain as cheap movie theatre butter. I guess I wasn’t a fan of Daiya. The crushed potatoes were delectable and made me question why I was almost going to opt for the julienne potatoes. How wrong I would have been. The potatoes were perfectly pillowy and crunchy at the same time. The gravy, was well-rounded, slightly sweet in my opinion but bode well with the potatoes. The vegetables were forgettable, I barely tasted the onion and mushrooms were raw and unclean, they made the poutine taste dirty. I had ended up pushing the vegan cheese and mushrooms aside. The guacamole came in a separate container which I appreciated. However, the taste reminded me of cinnamon. I still ate the whole thing because I couldn’t do that to my favorite fruit, the avocado. All-in-all, I appreciated the fact that they even had vegan options. If I ever went back to Poutineville I would stick with the crushed potatoes and probably get different vegetables. However, onions and mushrooms are always my go-to’s. I would probably also forego the guacamole, unless you like sweet guacamole and paying 3 extra dollars for it. I wouldn’t let the other options deter my judgement because the poutine base and potatoes justifies their name. For vegans and non-vegans alike, this place will do your poutine cravings justice.