Video Game Bento: All The Rage

When it comes to food, you eat with your eyes first. Well how about munchin’ on some videogame characters? The path of creativity or downright boredom has led people to eat what they play instead of play with what they eat…but I guess you could still do that too.

Here at gourmet gaming, I take pride in interlinking food with games because we all like to have a nice snack or drink while we’re saving princesses and fighting aliens. Feast your eyes in the new rage of eating what you play.








These creative concoctions can be made from anywhere between eggs, onions, rice, seaweed, fruits, mashed potatoes, tapioca or pretty much anything else you can have in a fridge. These meals, although edible, shouldn’t be eaten because this my friends, is pure art. Tasty and delicious art…mmmmmm….M-Mario…

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